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Greyton Farm Animal Sactuary

This sanctuary is very dear to my heart. Situated in Greyton, Cape Town, it is home to over 160 farm animals, all rescued from farms where they have suffered injuries, and from slaughter houses too. There are those that have been discarded or used as pets. I have been coming here for over 2 years, on weekends and holidays to spend time with these beautiful, sweet, naughty, and curious animals. The best part of this sanctuary is that they are Vegan.

Winter, just one of the lambs rescued from a farmer. Many of them are discarded if injured, left to die alone or slaughtered. He is growing up to be a big boy and hanging out with the other sheep.
Bob, he is a big pig, mad about food and will knock you over if you are not careful.
Legend was seriously injured when he came to GFAS.. but with lots of loving care his leg mended perfectly and now he is at Blue Hippo happy as anything running around with the other horses.
Lucas was an ex – pet. The humans could not keep him when he got too big, in fact they moved and left him alone for 2 weeks with no food.
Beautiful Ziggy… watch out he will bite now and then.
Bella, she looks scary but she is a honey.

A few more of the beautiful animals at Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary:

From top left to right: Sia and mom Kleo, chatty Marcus, Eep the Blue Crane and Luna the sweet calf that was rescued from dairy and from becoming veal.

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